State of the Blog

After a month, what can I say? Random thoughts on the state of the blog. (More for me than you)

It has been over a month since I made my first post, and I currently have 12 posted articles (counting this one) and 6 drafts.  My initial attempt was to try to dump as much of the junk running around in my head out into the blog as I could.  I now realize that there was a fair amount of partial conceived ideas hanging out there, and that once an idea is written down, it opens up what seems to be twice the opportunity for new ideas.  This is good and bad (like everything), as I have plenty of ideas for new articles (good), but I also feel like I’m spending more time thinking about these ideas (bad, only because I hoped that writing them down would release me from them). So where do I go from here:

  1. Post more often.
  2. Post on just one idea at a time and not worry how complete it is.
  3. Tighten up my voice, i.e. what do I want to be saying overall?
  4. Invite more readers and comments.

We shall see how this goes.



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