Introduction to [30min]

An attempt to jumpstart my blogposting by creating a new goal based on 30 minutes of writing.

Have you ever had a student, struggling in your class, come to your office hours, have an apparently fruitful discussion about what the student needs to do to the complete the course successfully, have the student promise that they would make those changes, and then never show up in your class ever again? I feel like I’m that student with respect to my blogging, as it has been at least 2 weeks since I even worked on a post, after promising to post more frequently.

As an attempt to truly address this issue, I’m starting a series, I’ve labeled [30min] to reflect that I will spend at most 30 minutes on each post (and I also hope to do 30 of them, one each day for 30 days). Now for a few technical issues:

How will you know I’m only spending 30 minutes on a post? You won’t, except possibly by the brevity and the quality of the writing.  Plus, I expect that I will cheat and spend more than 30 minutes on some posts.

Will I really be able to do this for 30 days? Yes, I think so, mostly because I plan on cheating by not starting until I have a handful of posts created and spending time (outside the 30 minutes) creating ideas.

So here we go.


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