Some Random Thoughts

I’m back, and so here’s a list of some topics that I’ve been thinking about and might expand in later posts:

  1. The transition from basic conceptual understanding to fluent understanding expressed through action can come through imitation or through true growth. Most of the time we can’t tell the difference, but we might be able to tell by the next topic that is learned.
  2. There are two dimensions of learning (at least): (1) learning it (whatever it is) and (2) learning to learn better. Every course should address both of these and should expect that prior courses have done so also.
  3. A challenge: addressing students mis-knowledge, by unteaching them that which they must unlearn. Two big components: moving them from bad or incomplete schemas to higher level and more effective ones and adding recognition and verify to their problem solving methods.
  4. Another challenge: helping students move from extrinsic to intrinsic motivation.
  5. We are good at helping students learn what to do (or at least, how to do it once they know it needs to be done), but not so good at helping them value the why we do it. For us (teacher/practitioners) this is a natural part of our being, so we need to think about how to make this invisible part of our work more visible to students.

That’s it for now.


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