A Slight Change of Direction

Or a change for the worse, depending on your perspective.

I’ve been doing the interim administrative thing (75% time) for the last 9 months and it looks like it will go permanent and 100% this summer and so I thought I’d revisit this blog and re-purpose it accordingly.  I will continue to post on education related topics as that is still on my mind and under my authority (although I won’t be in the classroom for a while); these will tend be more at the assessment/administrative end, rather than with an in-classroom perspective. But I hope to expand and cover some topics related to administration and leadership.  Also, I’m participating in a leadership development program, and hope to post my ‘homework’ and reflections on the homework and the program here.

So, if you* were here only for the front-line teaching reports, you’ll likely be disappointed with my future posts. If you were here because you found my comments of some value (interesting or funny or sad, I don’t mind), then you’ll be okay, as I can promise more of the same.

On to the dark side!


*comments about current readers refer only to the 2 or 3 who have ever read any of my posts, assuming they are still alive.


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